CES Developments: Robots and Gaming

It’s 2018 and the future might have finally arrived. That is, judging by the presence of robots at CES 2018. Robots did everything at this year’s tech trade show: they were there to vacuum, fold your clothes and put away your dishes, they played ping-pong with you, and they even fought each other for your entertainment, if you were so inclined.

Improvements on previous home assistance models now meant that robots could map out your house, take commands by recognising your face and voice, and follow you around even going up and down stairs. But it wasn’t all business for the robots of CES. Entertainment and gaming were big aspects of several robot models that were showcased.



Apart from Forpheus, the tutor and playing partner that will improve your ping-pong game, we also saw improved versions of older concepts, such as Aibo, Sony’s brand new robot pet dog. A version of Aibo first went on sale back in 1999, but the latest model now uses 4,000 parts to act lifelike and can identify family members and move freely around your home.

MekaMon presented a fast, four-legged robot created for gaming. This fighting robot uses an augmented-reality smartphone app for Mek versus Mek battles, and can even compete against virtual partners.

These robots made up a very small part of a very expansive gaming category, however. In addition to a number of gaming laptops and consoles launched (including the only gaming winner of CESs ‘Best of Innovations’ award, Trident 3 Arctic, deemed to be the world’s smallest true gaming PC) focus was on playing “big” on giant screens, with various tech companies unveiling giant displays at the CES event.