Case study: Pharmaceutical client – MS treatment landscaping and decision-making


To understand how new classes of therapies are changing the clinical mindset and prescribing philosophies, and subsequently affecting treatment decisions in this challenging therapeutic area.



We utilised our ReThink™ approach to revisit and interrogate the current wealth of literature available both in and out of the business to pull out key themes, and identify where attitudes and behaviour had changed over time, thus giving us insight into how the treatment category could be shaped in the future.

ReThink™ distils large volumes of existing primary and desk research thus enabling us to uncover evidence-based insights, knowledge gaps and develop hypotheses and new themes to test later in the study.

After a client workshop to review the existing insights we conducted qualitative, face-to-face interviews (viewed/in-situ) with a range of roles from the MDT including MSologists, general neurologists and MS nurses. We utilised a range of tasks and techniques to uncover emotional as well as rational drivers of behaviour, which helped to account for the broad disparities in prescribing behaviour between treatment centres and different clinicians.



Clear guidance on how a changing treatment landscape and shifts in prescribing mindsets was influencing prescribing behavior and why certain emotional drivers such as loss aversion were acting as barriers to changes in behavior and inertia in prescribing patterns. Results were presented to the key stakeholder teams, with the Bryter research team then participating in a series of workshops to develop competitive strategies to help the business win moving forwards.